It is essential to know your rights before taking a decision. Whatever the matter, we are here to advise and help finding the most efficient and productive path to a solution.


The Office ALICE SODRÉ ADVOCACIA brings together a team of lawyers prepared to meet the different needs of each client. The attendance takes place in a personalized and singular way, guaranteeing a special care in each information, advice, negotiation or assignment made.
ALICE SODRÉ DIAS LOPES is the head of the firm and has been working mainly in the Capital of Rio de Janeiro with Civil Law since 2007. Specialist in Civil Procedural Law and Family and Succession Law, she is also trained in Collaborative Practices.

Post-graduated in Civil Procedural Law from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – PUC-Rio (2009-2010).
Postgraduate in Family and Succession Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – PUC-Rio (2016-2017).
Trained in Collaborative Practices – in accordance with the Standards and Ethics of June 2017 of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) regarding basic training in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practices (2019).
Graduated in Law from Candido Mendes University – Centro – Rio de Janeiro – UCAM (2001-2006).
Associated with IBDFAM – Brazilian Institute of Family Law.
Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, Rio de Janeiro section (OABRJ).


The Firm offers a preventive and consultative law service, through guidance, planning and analysis of cases (opinions and studies). Dealing as well with litigation the office defends the clients’s interests in legal proceedings.
Our team works mainly in cases related to Family and Succession law, but also works in other branches of Civil Law.Nossa equipe intervém principalmente em casos ligados ao Direito das Famílias e das Sucessões, mas também em outros ramos do Direito Civil.

The legal practice in this area requires delicate assistance, advice and planning in an extremely personal and careful way, since it deals directly with individual contracts such as marriages (habilitation), drawing up of a stable unions, pacts of coexistence, dating and prenuptial pacts, and others.
The office handles with amicable or judicial procedures that look after legal separation, divorce (Brazilian or foreign), annulment of marriage, sharing of assets, the provision of food to the spouse or partner, as well as actions aimed at safeguarding the rights of minors. When dealing particularly with cases that affect children and adolescents, the Office assists through custody measures (unilateral and shared), regulation of the living of the minor (parents or other relatives), alimony (maintenance), review, pregnant maintenance, adoption, guardianship, parental alienation, loss of family power, authorization underage travel, recognition and paternity investigation, among others.

Our team is also able to prepare and review real estate contracts in general, such as rental, purchase and sale contracts, promises to buy and sell, barter, donation and other forms of property transfer. Moreover the Office represents clients towards property registries.

It also acts in the interposition and monitoring of possessory actions, claims such as eviction, reinstatement and imposition of possession, adverse possession, etc.

Regarding Succession Law the Office guides the client through inter vivos procedures as, estate planning scenarios, donation in life, composition between heirs, preparation of wills, interdiction processes, as well as through post morten procedures. These would be divisions and shares, monitoring and promoting inventories, assignments of hereditary rights (will, annulment of will, other disputes between heirs and / or legatees).

In the clients defense of, the firm acts in indemnity proceedings for moral and material damages involving consumer rights, contractual illicit, traffic accidents, medical error, cases of parental alienation and emotional abandonment.